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Commercial Clips

Running Time of Clips: 1:36 min


Clips include:

Kiehl's Faces spec spot, dir. Julian West, Macguffin Films (2008)

Help Remedies "Dream Recommender" spot, dir. Jason Jones, Lifelong Friendship Society / agency 215 (2011)
Cannes Lion award winning ad campaign, named by AdWeek as the FREAKIEST campaign of 2011.
(For an alternate version of the spot, click here.)


PSA for Gateway (Birmingham, AL-based charitable organization), dir. Laura Belsey, o2 Media (2012)

Clips from The Witches of Oz

Running Time of Clips: 3:06 min

director Leigh Scott (Imaginarium Pictures)

released internationally as a two-part television miniseries (on stations including SyFy UK), later released domestically on Starz, and the director's cut/theatrical cut ("Dorothy and the Witches of Oz) enjoyed a limited theatrical release in the US

"The Witches of Oz" is a modern-day take on the classic children's book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."  In it, Dorothy is a children's author in present day New York. When characters from the world of Oz start to infiltrate the human world, Dorothy must team up with old friends to stop the Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys from destroying New York.  The movie features actors Christopher Lloyd, Lance Henriksen, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, Jeffrey Combs, and Mia Sara.

Clips from Walking Away

Running Time of Clips: 2:35 min

director Toby Rymkus (Bull Rock Films)


An aging musician, Paul, returns home to New York City, where he has a few gigs lined up for the summer. Paul's arrival comes with some emotional baggage: he has an estranged son, Chris, whom he hasn't seen in years. When the gigs fall through, Paul's relationship with his girlfriend, Jenn, hits the rocks.

Trailer for Spin

Running Time of Trailer: 1:01 min

directors Mike Bow and Sam Miron (NYU student thesis pilot)


Jasper Kincaid and his team of publicists race to protect the image of their celebrity clientele, while their own lives spin out of control.


Clips from Walk Away

Running Time of Clips: 1:25 min

director Eddie Torres (NYFA student thesis)


This short received 6 award nominations including mine for Best Actress at the Philadelphia Terror Film Fest.

A choice must be quickly made when a passerby notices a women struggling to fight off a burglar who's invaded her home to steal a secret. Should he rely on the authorities or risk his own safety to aid someone he doesn't know?  How far would you go?

Zicam Commercial

Running Time of Spot: 1:31 min


Armed with Zicam® Cold Remedy, one husband turns his "sick day" into a fun-filled day off. Zicam® Cold Remedy shortens your cold when taken at the first sign -- a trick this husband used to outsmart his loving wife!

Atlantic Spine Center Commercial

Running Time of Spot: 0:31 min


Back pain... Tell us where it hurts.

Starbucks Commercial

Running Time of Spot: 1:10 min


"Sometimes you CAN get things just like you want: Dino Hunter"

futurethink's Tool School Trailer

Running Time of Trailer: 1:10 min

director Will Lamborn


"Tool School is a series of brief, engaging training videos that are unlike those you’ve seen in the past.


You know the ones I’m talking about. Outdated. Bad acting. Boring.


I had the pleasure of watching one of the Tool School videos, called “Kill a Stupid Rule”, which I’ll admit was perfectly timed and well-aligned with my rule-breaking mood. I was instantly intrigued.


When futurethink claimed these videos “disrupt how we learn,” I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but the moment I began watching the video, I felt immersed, as though I was a participant in the discussion I was observing. In a very The Office-esque way, I connected with the team and started thinking of the “stupid rules” that I find myself irritated by, yet complying with, at the Day Job."


Review by phase(two)learning

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