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"Pandora's Box: Married to Death"

December 29, 2016

My episode of "Pandora's Box" airs on Investigation Discovery! In this episode, entitled "Married to Death," I played Saundra Amos. She had a perfect life... handsome husband, good teaching job, two kids, a house, and a dog. Then, she's discovered dead on the bathroom floor... tragic accident or MURDER?!

Award-Winning Ad Campaign for WaPo

September 27, 2016

Just got word that the Washington Post BrandContent Studio/Syfy's "Hunters" ad campaign for which I did some voiceover work won an award! "Shadow Mission: Covert Ops' Unseen World" was named Best Native Advertising Campaign at the Online Marketing Media and Advertising Awards. Click here to see (and hear) the case study reel.

Managing Director of Nora's Playhouse!

July 26, 2016

Very happy to be the new Managing Director for Brooklyn-based theatre company Nora's Playhouse! Nora's Playhouse is dedicated to creating opportunities for women theatre artists of all generations to tell women's stories in a collaborative process that focuses on human rights, female empowerment, and breaking restrictive or negative stereotypes of women.

For the full announcement, check out BroadwayWorld.

Annie Oakley in "Mysteries at the Museum"

July 15, 2016

Lots of fun shooting a segment for the Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum." I played a retired Annie Oakley (no sharpshooting required) who sues William Randolph Hearst's newspaper empire for libel after he publishes scandalous accounts of her supposed cocaine addiction.  Turns out the addict was a burlesque performer going by the name "Any Oakley. " (I also got to portray the infamous "Any" as she steals a man's wallet (and pants!) to get the funds to support her habit.) Word on set is the segment will air in early 2017.

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